Private Pool

Because nobody knows your users better than you, you can now let us recruit either from a worldwide public selection of test users or from your own list of users—your Private Pool.

Private Pool

Multitasking and stress

We understand your daily recruitment issues:

  • Stressing over scheduling and planning usability tests.
  • Loss of time in finding and assigning suitable test users.
  • Dealing with cancellations and no-shows at a late notice.
  • Building and managing your own pool of test users.

Pool management by TestingTime

That’s why we have created a solution to help your business. With the Private Pool subscription, you can create and manage your own private pools of users (customers, employees, partners, etc.). We handle everything from there onwards—targeting, screening, scheduling, troubleshooting and more—without any limits.

Unlimited recruiting

We recruit users from your Private Pool as often as you want and at a fixed price (subscription model) and without limits. TestingTime deals with cancellations and no-shows for you. This saves you time and removes unnecessary stress.


GDPR-compliant Private Pool

The data of your test users are fully secure and belong solely to you, while we handle recruiting. We ensure full GDPR compliance by a sub-processor agreement. Your test users will only be contacted by us in relation to your studies.

Flexible incentive management

You decide on the appropriate incentives for test users after their participation. Choose between wire transfers, cash, gifts, coupons and more. Benefit from the add-on option to use TestingTime for wire transfers.

Test user incentives
Test user incentives

Co-branding and personalisation

We keep your brand identity and tone of voice consistent by personalising all touchpoints with your test users. Your company name and logo will be displayed together with the TestingTime logo on every web page and email. This assures test users they’re dealing with a trusted partner.

How it works

A Private Pool subscription is the perfect solution if you’re looking to outsource the recruitment of your own test users. We help companies of all shapes and sizes, regardless of whether or not they have a list already in place. These are the next steps, as soon as you have subscribed for a Private Pool.

1. Import or create a pool of your own test users

If you already have an existing list of users, you can simply upload the data as a CSV file and thus import it into our system. No list yet? No problem. We create a landing page for you to promote, so interested users can register immediately and join your Private Pool.

2. We recruit from your Private Pool

When you order your recruiting through our online form, you can choose which Private Pool you want us to recruit from. That’s all you need to worry about! We handle the rest so your user tests are a success.

online recruiting

3. Manage and monitor your information

Check your pool size at any time and see which of your test users have been invited and attended tests. Carry out feasibility checks by filtering the country of residence or other demographic criteria. You always have the flexibility to export all the data of your Private Pool and analyse them separately (incl. screening questions answers). Give it a try!

Ready to get started?

Our friendly team of experts will be more than happy to answer any questions and speak to you about our Private Pool subscriptions.