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At Sonova, we envision a world where everyone enjoys the delight of hearing and therefore lives a life without limitations. Phonak, Unitron, AudioNova, Hansaton, Advanced Bionics and Sennheiser (under licence) are all brands belonging to the Sonova family.

To create the best hearing experience, your input is needed.


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To make sure that you’re the right fit for a study, we’ll ask you some questions when you sign up. This will take less than 5 minutes. Your answers and data are secure and will only be used to match you to the right study.

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When a study is available, we’ll send you an email invitation. We’ll ask you a few more questions and check whether you fit the required profile. If you’re a match, we’ll invite you to participate in the study. If you accept, you can pick a day and time that suits you.

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Give feedback, have an impact and get paid

Share your experience and test new concepts of hearing devices and apps. You will be the first to discover future products and services, and you can influence their development. In addition, you’ll receive appropriate compensation for your efforts and insightful feedback.

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Still have questions?

What can I earn?

You will be able to earn some money with every test, but it will not be enough to make a living. This is largely due to the fact that you will be invited to tests on an irregular basis. How much exactly you will earn will depend on the type and length of each particular study, as well as on whether you will be able to participate in it from home or have to attend in person:

  • You can earn the most by participating in studies in person.
  • You earn a little less for user tests/interviews that you can take part in from home via video call.
  • You earn a little less than that when taking part in online surveys.

How long do tests last and where are they held?

Most studies range from 30 to 90 minutes. Some studies you can participate in from home (e.g., online surveys, phone or video calls), some are held on-site (you will only get invited to an on-site test, if the location is close by).

How often can I participate in tests?

We want to be honest with you: It may take a while until you get to take part in your first study. Please be patient with us! How often you will participate in tests will depend on several factors.

  • The most important factor is your geographic location. If you are located in one of the markets, where we have the most studies going on, then you will be receiving more test invitations. These countries are Switzerland, Germany, the United Kingdom and the USA.
  • Once you receive a study invitation in your inbox, we will have a few questions for you to answer to make sure that your profile is a right fit for that specific test. The more questions you answer over time, the better we will know your profile. This will help us send you invitations to tests in the future that are more relevant to your profile. It will also increase your chances of getting accepted to take part in studies.
  • Reliability, time is a precious resource for all of us. Please let us know as early as possible if you are unable to attend a confirmed appointment so that we can find another study participant.

What are the requirements to become a paid test user?

You do not need any specific prior knowledge to become a tester.
The requirements for the various studies varies. For some studies, people who wear hearing aids, cochlear implants or other hearing devices are needed. For other studies, people without hearing aid experience are being invited. It depends on the topic of the study.
We are interested in your open and honest feedback. We are not testing you as a person but our products and concepts.
If you are unable to come to a confirmed appointment, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can find another participant.

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Note: These are user research studies run through TestingTime. Sonova also does clinical trials & field studies, but these are coordinated directly by Sonova.