About us

TestingTime is a Swiss start-up which recruits test users for user and market research. The name TestingTime originates from the traditional English “tea time” – time for the light snack regularly enjoyed in the late afternoon. While the Swiss are not accustomed to “tea time”, we were inspired by its light and regular nature and transferred this to the world of user research.

“It’s TestingTime!” – that’s our daily call to thousands of test users to take part in exciting user tests, interviews, focus groups or online surveys. UBS, Zalando, SBB, Trivago and many more have already discovered the true requirements of their (potential) customers. User satisfaction is noticeably increased through improved products and services, and competitiveness on the market is enhanced.

TestingTime started as a part-time project, but it quickly gained popularity, resulting in the foundation of the company TestingTime AG in early 2015. In August 2015, the commitment was sealed with an impressive financing round through investiere.ch. We are driving the realisation of our vision of unlimited access to any target group with zeal and unconditional dedication.

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Reto Lämmler
Co-Founder und CEO

Test early and often is Reto’s mantra for good Interaction Design. Reto started TestingTime at the beginning of 2013. As CEO, Reto leads the vision and mission of the startup. Prior to TestingTime, Reto worked as Interaction Designer and Usability Consultant with his own 58rocks GmbH. At doodle.com he gained international startup experience as VP Product Management. He owns a MAS in Interaction Design and a BS in Computer Science.

Oliver Ganz
Co-Founder und CTO

Oli, a classic full stack ninja, joined TestingTime as a new Founder at the beginning of 2015. As TestingTime’s new CTO, he is responsible for the development and operations of the platform and the continued growth of the test user pool. He worked as a Software Engineer for doodle.com and helped the company grow from 5 up to 30 million unique visitors. Oli owns a master in computer science.

Eva Bottana
Head of Customer Success

Eva joined TestingTime in mid-2015 as the first employee. Since then, as Head of Customer Success, she has put her heart and soul into ensuring the satisfaction of our customers. Not without reason, her automated counterpart is called Adam - our recruiting tool. Eva keeps her calm & overview even in hectic moments. She takes care of the orders of the customers as well as the support of our test users. At the latest with her initial training as a medical masseuse with a federal diploma, she has lost all fear of contact with people.

Nick Dhima
Lead Software Engineer

A one-way ticket and 2 suitcases brought Nick straight from Athens to Zurich to join TestingTime's core engineering team. His tremendous experience in cloud services helps TestingTime develop and operate a scalable and reliable system. Nick graduated with a master in computer science from the Polytechnic of Thessaly.

Ahmet Sakali
Head of Sales

Easy to handle, ready to deliver - that is valid for TestingTime but also for Ahmet. As our Sales Representative he is the interface to all those who demand a quick and easy access to test users for real user feedback. Prior to TestingTime he accomplished his studies in economics and worked as a team leader in Account Management for an IT service provider.

Sandro Meyer
Head of Marketing

Listen and learn. Sandro lives by this mantra as the customer advocate at TestingTime and in private as an avid reader, traveller, and chef. As Digital Marketing Manager, he is responsible for the international growth of the company and makes sure our customers have all the resources they need to conduct impactful user tests. Prior, Sandro developed his marketing chops while working at Apple and later revolutionised the culinary world as CMO of the Swiss food startup flatev. He graduated with a BSc in International Management.

Salvatore Iovene
Senior Software Engineer

Salvatore joined TestingTime’s core engineering team after a 12 year stint in Finland, where he worked on mobile platforms for Nokia and Intel. He has experience with a large array of systems and technologies, and hopes to bring fresh perspectives to the team. When he’s not writing code, he can probably be seen climbing alpine passes at ludicrous speed on his road bike.

Andrea Meier
Customer Success Manager

Andrea is supporting the customer success team since the beginning of 2018. She’s responsible for handling the orders of the customers and the competent support of the test persons. The customers and test users are for Andrea as important as her cacti, which she takes care of with the same carefullness. When she’s not taking care of the customers and testers, you can find her in the kitchen, where she likes to try out new recipes and cook for her friends and family. She has completed a business education including the matura and is currently continuing her education in this area.

Dino Mastelic
Sales Hero

Giving it all! That's Dino's credo. Whether in sport or in the office, he doesn't know less than 100%! With many years of experience as account manager and in marketing, Dino has been expanding our sales team since the beginning of 2018. He cares for our customers all over the world and his goal is that they are not less than completely satisfied. Dino wouldn't be Dino if he didn't give 100% in education. He is studying business psychology in Zurich. In his spare time he plays basketball passionately, but there he still lacks a few percent of the perfect throwing rate.

Janine Totz

Create wonderful user experiences - that’s Janine job at TestingTime. She has formerly worked as a Head of Design at an advertising agency and developed a lot of user interfaces, graphics and screen designs. That’s why she completely understands how to challenge products and services and how to optimize them both content-related and in appearance. Ever since she has lived in Lucerne she is totally hooked by their famous carnival. Plus, her passion for playing the drums have inspired her to join and actively participate in one of the music groups. Janine has studied print and media technology in Berlin and is a certificated BEng.

Philip Stowe
Business Development Manager UK

Sporting mad Phil is ready to go that extra mile for his clients. Living just outside of London he can easily visit all our clients. Phil looks after our clients in the UK and joined the team in April 2018. He has over 10 years experience in sales and has worked in a variety of sectors. Phil will do all he can to help clients get the testing users and the outputs that they need for each project.

Lisa-Christina Winter
Senior User Researcher

The only thing that excites Lisa more than data science and psychology is a combination of both. Lisa is passionate about experimental design and statistics and loves to find «hidden treasures” in an ocean of data, which makes her a full-hearted user researcher. When she’s not working at TestingTime or following her hobby “Growth Hacking”, Lisa listens to (or makes) music, reads or visits her family in the beautiful town of Graz, where she also finished her PhD in cognitive psychology in November 2017.

Darko Veljaca
Head of Growth

Generating growth is Darko Veljaca’s greatest passion. As Head of Growth, he acts as the link between marketing and sales. With his experience as an entrepreneur and certified marketing manager (Swiss Federal Diploma), he understands how important the relationship between the two disciplines is. In addition to his enthusiasm for business growth, Darko is a big fan of the NFL and sees a lot of parallels to the world of sports. The data-driven maximization of individual team members leads to success and prosperity both in the office and on the field.

Ion-Alexandru Ursachi
Software Engineer

With a passion for software craftsmanship and constantly looking to expand his knowledge, Alex moved to Zurich in search for new challenges. Joining TestingTime's engineering team was an easy decision as it was a fit for his skills and personality.
Apart from coding, he enjoys spending time with his family or listening to music.
Alex graduated with a Bachelor in Computer Science and worked as a Software Engineer for about 8 years before joining TestingTime.

Corinne Schröttenthaler
Customer Success Manager

Corinne is the latest addition to the TestingTime customer success team. After a long detour in the world of retail, where she ended up as a backstock manager, she began working in visual communication while studying. These experiences helped her to develop a proficiency for easy-to-understand, engaging communication approaches and general customer satisfaction. Corinne loves drawing in her free time and is constantly expanding her collection of antique jewelry.

Dominic Manwani
Product Manager

Building a bridge between technology and people is Dominic’s mission. Born in London but made digital in Copenhagen, where he worked, lived and breathed user-focused strategy for companies, big and small. He holds a Bachelors in Psychology and a Masters in E-Business, and uses this combination to understand users and help deliver solutions. With this move to Zurich, Dominic strives to contribute, as a Product Manager, to delivering the best product solutions for TestingTime users (and perhaps learn to ski).

Cosima Lefranc
Product Manager

Creating a great technological product from beginning to the end is Cosima’s job at TestingTime. With a dual background in Business Intelligence and Quantitative Finance, Cosima is on a constant quest to find new data-driven insights from our product usage. She enjoys talking to our users and discovering new ways in which we can help them become more successful. In her free time, she loves to try every possible apps you could imagine, speaks 3 languages fluently and she has travelled to more than 50 countries. Cosima graduated with a Bachelor in Economics and a Master in Quantitative Finance from the University of St. Gallen.

Pirashanth Ravichandran
Sales & Marketing Assistent

One for all, all for one! That’s the motto Presh lives by, whether it comes to TestingTime or his free time. He values working with other people, particularly as part of his position as Sales and Marketing Assistant at TestingTime, which he performs alongside his studies in economics at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland in Brugg. He is always dedicated to offering our customers only the best – since satisfied customers form the foundation of a successful partnership. In his free time, he loves to play football, which underscores his appreciation for teamwork.

Council of wisdom

We are very proud to have well known people from the scene on board with us. As startup founders you do most things the first time. To get advice from people who tackled similar challenges in the past is very helpful to us.

Picture: Mark Sandmeier - Verwaltungsrat TestingTime
Mark Sandmeier
Board Member

In 2015, Mark participated as investor in TestingTime's first financing round. The founder team was even more excited, when Mark also accepted to join the board of directors. As former CEO of the JobCloud AG (jobs.ch), he brings extensive experience and helps the company to make the right decisions at the right time. Mark also advices other startups and joined Picstars AG as startup CEO in fall 2016.

Picture of Eric Reiss - Advisor at TestingTime
Eric Reiss
Advisory Board Member

Our business advisor Eric’s first usability testing took place when he was three years old - he talked his mother into modifying a rocking horse so it didn’t rub his knees. Ever since, he has never accepted things as they are, but has always worked to make things better. Today, he is an internationally recognized expert in usability and user-experience design. His best-selling book, Usable Usability, is now available in four major languages – English, German, Chinese, and Japanese.

Helge Meichssner
Helge Meichssner
Advisory Board Member

Helge Meichssner supported TestingTime actively in the preparation of the second investment round and has now become an advisor for all financial topics in the company. Numbers and processes have always been the driving factors in the career of Helge. Before supporting us, she has held various leadership positions in Finance, Operations and Business Development in global IT and Pharma companies.