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Do you sometimes struggle to follow a talk in a loud environment?
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Together we will shape the hearing solutions of tomorrow.

  • Participate in user studies: activities include workshops, interviews, usability test sessions and more.
  • Your feedback matters and you will be compensated for your time.
  • Flexible enrollment for studies that fit your schedule.

Note: These are user research studies run through TestingTime. Sonova also does clinical trials & field studies, but these are coordinated directly by Sonova.


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Test new products and earn money

Complete a survey from home, participate in user studies, activities include workshops, one-on-one interviews, usability test sessions, focus groups and more. We compensate you fairly.

Shape the future of hearing solutions

Be one of the first to test new developments in hearing. Give your opinion to help improve hearing solutions by Phonak and co. Your feedback can have a huge impact!

Bring variety into your everyday life

Try something new! Test prototypes of new hearing solutions. Participate in interviews and share the difficulties you encounter in your daily life. The studies are very diverse. We guarantee fun and exciting insights into product development.

Still have questions?

If you have a question about your hearing devices, please visit the support page of your hearing device brand:

Phonak support page
Unitron support page
Hansaton support page
Advanced Bionics support page

You have questions about becoming a test user?

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