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Frequently Asked Questions

How does participation in an SBB Customer Say project work?

As a member of SBB Customer Say, you receive regular invitations to focus groups, online surveys, events etc. There is no standard procedure. Every SBB project that is looking to take customer opinion into account will make its own decision about how to involve customers. You can therefore generally participate both digitally from home and on site at a Customer Say event . For this reason, the time you spend participating may also vary. However, participants will always be informed in advance about the dates, method of inclusion and other relevant details.

Who can participate?

Since we want to hear the views of our (potential) passengers, only SBB employees and interest groups are excluded from participation.

Anyone else who is interested is welcome to participate in SBB Customer Say. We are also looking for diversity. Whether you’re a car fan, student, glasses-wearer, wheelchair user, big city dweller, grandparent, 1st class passenger or have a broken arm – if you resonate with the matter in question we invite you to get involved.

How does participating in SBB Customer Say have an impact on project decisions?

SBB Customer Say is intended to give anyone interested in or affected by a project the opportunity to participate in discussion about the project. And in return, SBB projects benefit from the unique opportunity to hear the opinions of dedicated people who care about the end product. This approach is intended to highlight and further enhance the customer perspective. However, it is exclusively the project managers who decide what insights will be implemented from the customer involvement and how. SBB Customer Say participants therefore have no decision-making powers. In principle, however, it can be assumed that efforts will always be made to adapt services as closely as possible to the needs of customers.

Will I be paid for participating in SBB Customer Say?

No. Participation in SBB Customer Say is carried out exclusively on a voluntary basis (accordingly, there is also no subsequent employment with SBB). Those involved in SBB Customer Say are not entitled to reimbursement of expenses or outlays. We are looking for interested and impacted people who are attracted by the opportunity to help shape the future of SBB. That’s why personal motivation is central for participation.

What commitment do you make by registering for SBB Customer Say or for individual SBB Customer Say projects?

SBB Customer Say would love to hear what people have to say, but does not force anyone to take part. It is also possible to suspend participation, to refuse to take part or terminate participation at any time. This also applies in particular to any Customer Say events.

Does SBB accept liability in the event of theft or accidents at an SBB Customer Say event?

No. SBB does not accept any liability whatsoever. Insurance is the responsibility of the participants.

Is there an obligation of confidentiality regarding content that is observed in the course of participation?

Generally no. Since anyone can take part, it is not prohibited to talk about the content. However, taking photos, videos or notes about the events or interview content is not permitted.

What is TestingTime?

TestingTime AG, a company based in Zurich, specialises in recruiting participants for qualitative and quantitative market research, as well CX and UX research. Testing Time is a certified partner of SBB.

How can I unsubscribe from SBB Customer Say?

You can unsubscribe from Customer Say at any time by sending an e-mail with the subject line ‘Unsubscribe’ to All of your data will be deleted.