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In this library, you’ll find recordings of all of our past ‘Let’s talk UX’ live episodes in one place. Alongside our partner Tech Circus, we have regular live talks with speakers from upcoming Tech Circus conferences. It’s 45 minutes of discussion centred around the UX Research Experts’ background, career, UX strategies and top tips/tricks they’ve picked up along the way. The talk is followed by a 15 minutes Q&A at the end with the webinar participants.

Let's talk UX #1 with Steve Buzz Pearce, Global Design Director at Skyscanner

Let’s talk UX #1

with Steve ‘Buzz’ Pearce, Global Design Leader at Skyscanner

In this episode, Steve ‘Buzz’ Pearce, Global Design Leader at Skyscanner, talks about putting the customer first and leading by example.

Let's talk UX #2 with Jonathan Lovatt-Young, Founder and Principal Experience Strategist at Love Experience

Let’s talk UX #2

with Jonathan Lovatt-Young, Principle Design Strategist at Love Experience

In this episode, Jonathan Lovatt-Young, Principle Design Strategist at Love Experience, talks about mental health in the workplace and about how UX designers and UX researchers benefit from business savvy.

Let’s talk UX #3

with Joe Natoli, UX Consultant, Author, and Speaker

In this episode, veteran UX consultant Joe Natoli talks about helping teams overcome day-to-day challenges. He also explains how there’s no such thing as failure — you either win, or you learn.

Let’s talk UX #4

with Dr. Emmanuelle Savarit, Lead User Researcher at Education First

In this episode, Dr. Emmanuelle Savarit puts user research into numbers. Specifically, she explains how investing in proper research from the get-go saves companies a lot of money down the road.

Let’s talk UX #5

with Jay Tulloch, Head of Design at Metro Bank

In this episode, Jay Tulloch shares how he went from a design practitioner to a design leader. Admittedly, he finds himself missing previous, more hands-on roles at times. But he’s found new ways to satisfy his craving for creativity.

Let's talk UX #6 with Dr. Nick Fine, Lead User Researcher

Let’s talk UX #6

with Dr. Nick Fine, Lead User Researcher, currently contracting for Emergn

In this episode, Dr. Nick Fine gives you top tips for your adventures in the science of UX. Get into the details of Nick’s past and learn a lot about UX psychology in the process.

Let's talk UX #7 with Dr. Susan Weinschenk

Let’s talk UX #7

with Dr. Susan Weinschenk, CEO & Chief Behavioural Scientist at The Team W

In this episode, Dr. Susan Weinschenk talks about design psychology and shares her UX tips from her long experience as a consultant to Fortune 1000 companies, start-ups, governments and non-profits.

Joe Leech

Let’s talk UX #8

with Joe Leech, Product Strategist & UX Consultant

In this episode, Joe talks about his experience from working with organisations like MoMA, Booking.com, Alfresco, MoneySuperMarket, Disney, Raspberry Pi, eBay, Marriott, Trainline, giffgaff and many start-ups over the last 15 years.

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