Special Pool

Are you looking for test users with a difficult profile to have a better knowledge of your company’s target group? Or do you need input on specific expert knowledge from a certain field for your research work? In addition to our Public Pool with more than 890,000 test users, we support you in the recruitment of special profiles.

Special Pool

Ask your target audience

Understanding your customer is the key to success! You can only develop products and services that will capture the hearts of your customers once you understand them. Test new products, services and apps with your specific target group.

In addition to our Public Pool, the following Special Pools are available to you for this purpose.

KMU Testperson


C-level positions, heads of and other profiles

Are you looking for B2B profiles in small and medium-sized companies? Our test users support you in the development of innovations for SMEs.

Investor Testperson


Private individuals with high investment capital

Are you looking for experienced private investors? Our test users will tell you what they think of your wealth management tools.

Are you looking for other, different profiles?

We are open to setting up Special Pools as long as there is sufficient demand from several clients. However, if your target group is very specific and only intended for you, we recommend our Private Pool product.

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Special Pools
Special Pools


Still have questions?

How does TestingTime acquire test users?

We are always adding new people to our pool of more than 890,000 test users. We use a combination of organic and paid methods, enabling us to recruit the test users you need – even if they aren’t yet in our pool at the time you place your order.

What’s the difference between recruiting with TestingTime and recruiting with a market research company?

Typically, a market research company will offer test user recruiting as a supplementary service. Consequently, their test user pool will be lacking in terms of size and representativeness and their limited recruiting staff won’t be able to match TestingTime’s speed, price, or test user quality.

What are the types of projects and the industries TestingTime recruits for?

Our services are neither limited to particular types of projects nor to particular industries. TestingTime’s client base consists of companies in various industries, e.g. retail, banking, insurance, and hospitality. Ranging from short, one-off surveys to diary studies that span several months, the projects are diverse.


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