Private Pool

Get your own pool of test users. Private Pool empowers your UX team to gain a deeper understanding of your target group with unlimited research possibilities. Foster a culture of user-centricity by enabling UX researchers across your organisation with a powerful pool solution.


About Private Pool

With Private Pool, you can recruit test users from your dedicated pool of participants. Experience the same support and quality control measures as with our standard recruitment service.

Enjoy premium features, such as customised segmentation questions, a statistics dashboard, flexible incentive management, and the ability to manage users’ profiles. More to come! Follow our product roadmap.

Don’t have a pool yet? No problem! We’ll create a co-branded landing page for you, allowing you to invite users to become members of your Private Pool easily. Alternatively, we can also upload an existing list of your users.

We provide true value: With our yearly subscription, you can recruit for as many user tests as you need.

TestingTime Private Pool
TestingTime Private Pool

Private Pool saves you time & money

At TestingTime, we understand the need for continuous UX research. Based on our experience of facilitating hundreds of thousands of recruitments, we built a system to empower you to research your target group seamlessly and regularly.

Here is how:

  • Our digital pool solution fully manages your participants.
  • We help you grow your own quality pool.
  • Enjoy our automated screening and scheduling process.
  • Our quality control measures ensure that the participants are reliable and match your criteria.
  • We deal with cancellations, replacements, and no-shows.
  • We manage the incentives for your participants.
TestingTime Service
TestingTime Service

How Private Pool works

Working with Private Pool is simple and efficient.

Import test user list

1. Create a pool of your own participants

We’ll assign you a dedicated Customer Success Manager to guide you through setting up your Private Pool. Together you will create sign-up pages, welcome emails and study invitations, all branded with your company’s logo.

If you have an existing user contact list, we can directly import your CSV file into our system to help jump start your pool.

Recruit test users

2. Recruit from your Private Pool

Ready to conduct user research? Using our online order form, let us know which user segment from your Private Pool you want to talk to and when – we’ll take care of the rest!

We make participant recruitment a breeze, so you can focus on what matters most: Gaining valuable insights from your research.

Benefits of Private Pool

Personal support

We assign you a Customer Success Manager to ensure you get the most out of your Private Pool. On a quarterly basis, you’ll assess how things are going and put initiatives in place to improve your experience. For example: Do you struggle with pool growth? Then we’ll bring in our Pool Growth Manager to advise you.

TestingTime Private Pool
TestingTime Private Pool

Unlimited recruiting

With our fixed-price subscription model, you can recruit users from your Private Pool as often as you need. This hassle-free approach lets you focus on user research instead of administrative tasks.

Advanced screening and scheduling

No need to hire an assistant. With TestingTime, this service is already built in. We screen and schedule the right participants for you. TestingTime allows you to write your own screener questions – or you can have our team of experts do it for you.

Our dedicated Operations team deals with cancellations and no-shows. For high-visibility studies, we can provide backup users as a fail-safe option.

Flexible incentive management

You decide on the appropriate incentives for test users. We take care of the payment.

  • IBAN or Paypal payouts (managed by us)
  • Non-monetary incentives like gifts, coupons, discounts (handled by you)
  • No incentive (e.g. for your employees)

Manage and monitor

You can check the progress of your ongoing recruitments at any time, with Private Pool’s real-time monitoring system.

In addition, our intuitive statistics dashboard visualises demographics, health and other key characteristics of your pool. You get full control over your Private Pool, with the ability to edit, delete and block users.


Confidential research projects often require participants to sign an NDA. We have built-in automated NDA signing prior to your study.


By featuring your company name and logo alongside ours on every webpage and email, your users will have a consistent and trusted brand experience.

Supported languages

In line with industry norms, we use casual language in all of our communications. The languages we support are English, German, French, Dutch and Swedish. Our Operations team speaks all five languages natively.


We take data security seriously and are fully GDPR compliant through our data processing agreement. All of your test users’ information is safe and secure with us. From recruitment to handling personal data, we’ve got it all covered.

Ready to get started?

Our team is excited to assist you with any inquiries you may have regarding our Private Pool subscriptions.


Still have questions?

Is Private Pool a subscription and what are the costs?

Yes, it is offered as a yearly subscription. You can save up to one full-time employee and allocate that resource toward expanding your user research.

We understand that every business has unique needs, so we offer customised pricing options to ensure you only pay for what you need. No matter the size of your business, we are confident we’ll find the right solution for you.

Let’s connect and discuss how we can help you achieve your goals.

Is it guaranteed that our users are only included in our pool and otherwise may not be contacted for other studies?

Yes, it is guaranteed. Your Private Pool will be managed in a separated database and your test users will only be contacted for your studies.

Are the participants' incentives included?

We handle all monetary incentives (IBAN and Paypal) for you. However, the cost of the incentives are not included in your subscription, giving you maximum flexibility to choose the incentives that best meet your users’ expectations.

Ready to get started?

Our friendly team of experts is happy to hear from you. We offer honest consultations with no commitment to help you figure out whether Private Pool is the right fit for you.