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Test with people from our growing pool of 957,900 individuals. We have a diverse range of profiles to match your profile requirements.

Research with peace of mind

We coordinate appointments, ensure that your users are on time and handle payments. In case of no-shows or mismatches, we find a replacement or you get your money back.

How it works
TestingTime Service
TestingTime Service

Test users that meet your requirements

Our pool of 957,900 test users enables us to recruit all ages, genders, languages, and places of residence within 48 hours. Thanks to AI-based processes, we can ensure pool quality at scale.

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TestingTime Matching test users
TestingTime Matching test users

International and diverse pool

Experience the power of our expanding participant network in Europe, providing an extensive range of profiles that match your requirements.

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Less than 2% no‑shows

We make sure we can deliver test users with the highest quality in terms of reliability, profile matching and participation frequency. If a participant misses their appointment with you, we will replace them immediately and free of charge. However, this is the exception: our no-show rate is below 2%.

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No pros

Our automated quality assurance system recognises and rejects people who miss appointments without notice as well as people who take tests on a regular basis. At most, each individual may take part in only one of your studies per year.

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Recruitment flat rate

We believe in simplicity for our UX teams. Name your research frequency, and we’ll craft a custom flat rate for all your user recruitment needs.

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Successful Recruitment

Marketing Professionals

A marketing Saas vendor wanted to talk to people from its target group – which was Heads of Marketing, CMOs, generally higher management people from companies with more than 50 employees who are responsible for purchasing SaaS solutions. By raising incentives to a fitting amount (4-5 times of the regular amount as suggested by our platform) and extending the recruitment to a majority of the European countries, we repeatedly recruited line-ups with 6-8 interviewees.


A UX agency working for an automotive company wanted to test that company’s specialized B2B software. For this purpose, they requested automotive development engineers for moderated remote user tests. By raising incentives to 4-5 times of the regular amount and recruiting from all over Europe, we successfully recruited two line-ups with each 4 interviewees.

Mothers in the Breastfeeding Phase

A childcare company needed to test new breast pumps. We found mothers that were in their breastfeeding phase or even currently using breast pumps. The mothers visited the customers and tested those new pumps on-site (though testing was done with puppets, not by attaching them to their own bodies).

Looking for a specific profile?

Let us know what profile you need, and we will check how feasible the recruitment is.


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How much does recruiting cost?

Your price depends on the study method, the number of test users, and the desired profile. Use our easy and transparent online calculator to see how much your total comes to now.

What sorts of test users does your pool contain?

Our core markets are Switzerland, Germany, the UK, and France. In these countries, our pool consists of more than 957,900 test users of all ages, working in different industries, and interested in a range of topics. New people sign up every single day and, in certain cities, 1% of the total population is already a part of our pool.

How do you acquire test users?

We are always adding new people to our pool of more than 957,900 test users. We use a combination of organic and paid methods, enabling us to recruit the test users you need – even if they aren’t yet in our pool at the time you place your order.

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