test user recruiting
You define your target audience. We organise, schedule, and pay your study participants.

What to expect:

The right study participants, in the right place, at the right time.

Test users that meet your requirements

In addition to standard criteria (age, gender, language, place of residence, device skills, etc.), we can recruit test users with as many special criteria as you wish, e.g. "must own a car."

Smooth sailing

We coordinate all of your appointments with the participants and make sure that everyone arrives at the right place, at the right time. Additionally, you can check on the recruiting process in real time whenever you like (see example).

Few no-shows

If a participant misses their appointment with you, we will replace them immediately and free of charge. However, this is the exception: we maintain a no-show rate of just 3%.

Automatic payment

We handle all incentives. The money is transferred to the test users' bank or PayPal accounts within 5-10 days.

No pros

Our automated quality assurance system recognises and rejects people who miss appointments without notice as well as people who take tests on a regular basis. At most, each individual may take part in only one of your studies per year.

Fast delivery

Our vast pool of 500'000 test users enables us to recruit all ages, genders, languages, and places of residence within 48 hours.

A representative pool consisting of more than 500’000 test users

Building and managing an extensive panel of reliable test users is our core business. We make sure that our pool represents a cross-section of society with a balanced mix of age groups, genders, levels of education, and income levels so that we can recruit your target audience perfectly.


More information about our pool (PDF)

How it works:

Order test users online
Use our online ordering tool to specify the test user profile and the type of study. Ordering takes less than 5 minutes.
Screening process
We create and send out a questionnaire to find test users who meet your criteria.
Recruiting process
We contact eligible test users and schedule appoints with them according to the dates and times you selected. You can check on our progress in real time.
Ongoing support
Should you have any questions or concerns during your study, please contact our friendly support team.
After having successfully completed a study, participants will be paid automatically within 5-10 days.
We want to improve your experience with each order. So please leave us some feedback about each test user.

Supported study types

User tests

Users are given specific scenarios. They must complete tasks to do with the product or service you are testing in order for you to detect usability issues.


Interviews are personal, one-on-one conversations with customers or users. They help you understand your target audience’s needs, motivations, and challenges with regards to your product or service.

Focus groups

Potential users in your target audience discuss new concepts and develop suggestions and ideas to help you improve your product or service.

Online surveys

Online surveys serve as a means of collecting quantitative, statistically significant data to validate existing hypotheses (e.g. derived from interviews). We support most established survey tools such as SurveyMonkey and OptimalSort.


During a workshop, you’ll develop a design or concept with your participants that reflects their ideal user experience. This helps the designer create a product or service based on real user needs.

Diary studies

Participants document aspects of their daily lives that are relevant to your product or service. Documentation can mean writing and/or taking pictures (see example).

Five-star support

Meet our friendly recruiting team: Corinne, Éléonore, and Céline are happy to answer any and all test-user questions. Just give them a call or drop them an email.

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Focus on your study and let us deal with recruiting.


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