Table of contents

1. Putting the target audience first
2. The right participants, at the right time, in the right place
3. Smart quality control
4. Acquisition by Norstat
5. How does TestingTime work?
6. How TestingTime can support you

1. Putting the target audience first

Back in 2013, while pursuing a master’s in Human Computer Interaction Design, we delved deep into topics like UX design, interface design, and user testing.

The main takeaway? Always keep the end-user at the heart of the user centered design.

That got me thinking: if this is so crucial, how do companies put their target audience at the center?

The market research agencies back then relied on Excel lists of potential candidates. Need people? Start dialing.

Such outdated, labour-intensive methods offered no insight into the reliability and motivation of the particpants.

Gradually, the idea for a Uber-like platform for test users began to take shape in my mind.

For those looking to conduct market research, simply go online, specify, “I need this many people with these criteria, this is my schedule, make it happen.”

This Uber analogy became my guiding principle, and that’s how it all started.

2. The right participants, at the right time, in the right place

It was an instant hit; there was a real demand for such a platform. Initially focused on remote usability tests, the early version aimed to accommodate organizations’ preference for on-site testing, requiring us to physically get participants to the clients.

Fast-forward to today, nearly everything is done remotely. Moreover, we now support a variety of methods ranging from usability tests to simple interviews, diary studies, and even more quantitative studies like surveys.

Though these aspects have evolved over the years, the core mission remains: to find the right participants, at the right time, in the right place, as quickly as possible.

It’s all about finding the right participants, at the right time, in the right place, as swiftly as possible

3. Smart quality control

Initially, our focus was solely on Switzerland. But soon, my partner and I decided to scale up. Securing investment inside Switzerland allowed us to expand into Germany, France, and the UK. Before we knew it, we had a truly international platform with an enormous pool of test users.

However, quantity means little without reliability. Managing such a large-scale operation made manual processes impractical. That led us to significantly invest in AI technology three years ago, pre-dating the rise of ChatGPT and similar tools.

We named our algorithm ‘Honey badger’, inspired by the Guinness Book of Records’ “most fearless creature”. Like its namesake, it targets unwelcome guests – from snakes to virtual fraudsters among participants.

In essence, we ask the system, “Here’s the study, here’s a potential candidate. How likely is it that this candidate will be rated four or five stars?”

We do this for thousands of candidates daily. If AI predicts a 70% success rate, we proceed. Anything lower triggers a replacement.

This smart control mechanism has been pivotal in maintaining high standards.

4. Acquisition by Norstat

As we expanded across Europe, sudden acquisition inquiries from companies made us ponder the possibilities. This led us to explore potential partnerships. A comprehensive search by an M&A firm brought Norstat into the picture.

With their extensive presence across Europe, Norstat was an ideal match. Combining our user experience market expertise with their stronghold in market research created a perfect synergy.

Following the acquisition, we firstly launched TestingTime in the Netherlands, incorporating companies like and CG Research. Now, we’re rolling out in Sweden.

5. How does TestingTime work?

Looking to assemble a group of participants for user research ? TestingTime simplifies the process remarkably.

It’s as easy as booking an Uber:

  • Choose how many people you need (from 7 to 1,500), the type of study, and the location – be it remote, on-site, or at the rest user’s home – and
  • see the price instantly, just like with Uber, including test user’s incentives.
  • Then, specify additional details like age, gender, language, and country, and set your schedule.
  • Typically, we recruit participants within 3-5 working days, but if needed, we can expedite the process to 48 hours thanks to our extensive, automated system.
  • Confirm, pay, and you’re set.

Our team ensures clarity before letting the system work its magic. You’ll have your candidates ready, scheduled, and you can conduct your study.

After completion, your feedback helps our AI algorithm learn and improve.

It’s all designed for self-service, eliminating the need for calls or emails. Everything you require is just a few clicks away.

6. How TestingTime can support you

If you’re in search of a test user recruitment partner offering not just quality and innovative solutions, but also a personal touch, look no further!

We specialize in delivering reliable test users for your UX and market research studies.  Let us know how we can assist you in your success story.

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