Add additional contacts

additional contacts
When finalising your future orders, you’ll be able to add additional contacts (email addresses). And it’s not necessary for these people to have an account with us. They will be added as a recipient in any further email communication (for example, a notification of a last-minute cancellation). We know from our own experience that very often several people are involved in user research tasks (e.g., moderator, observers, etc.). Thus, your entire team can be informed about progress and any changes in recruitment.


Share additional information

Additional information

We have changed the location of the field in which you can provide us with additional information on your order and placed it in the “Planning” step. This was requested by many customers, because the field was previously included in the “Screening” step, and you only had access to it when setting up additional screening criteria. That is history now, and you can provide us with important information regarding your recruiting requirements regardless of the screening questions. This is not shared with the test users.

Bye bye to additional features

Core value

In our October newsletter we presented two beta enhancements to our online order form: the video confirmation and the option to book additional services (e.g., obtaining a translator). We introduced these features on the basis of individual customer feedback and wanted to evaluate whether they would meet with approval on a larger scale. Within just two months we learned a lot from this experiment and concluded that we should keep things short and sweet: Thus, we removed the features again to keep our order form clearer.

Monthly sneak peek into our pool

TestingTime Christmas Video 2020

Did you know that our test users took part in our Christmas video campaign last year? You didn’t? You’re in luck because we’re happy to share the video with you again this year.


2022, we are coming!

Christmas GIF

The entire TestingTime team wishes you and your loved ones Happy Holidays. We thank you for your loyalty this year and look forward to sharing a lot of great news with you again in the new year. Things will continue to be exciting as we progress in our development towards a self-service platform. We are sure 2022 will be a great year!

Enjoy the season’s break from the daily routine and stay healthy.