Use numeric questions when creating your own screener questions

Numeric questions

Customers who prefer to create their own screener questions can now use the numeric question type or add numeric questions from the library (e.g. “What is your gross annual income?”).

Use this question type if you want participants to give you a specific number as an answer and then set a specific range to qualify them.


Export your test users’ data as a Private Pool admin—in compliance with data privacy regulations

Private Pool News

To comply with data privacy regulations, we now only allow those who have admin rights to export Private Pool test users’ data. If you are an admin, you can now use the “Export” button to download a csv file containing a list of your test users and their answers to the screening questions. The “Export” button will not be visible to any other person with access.


Use these tools preferred by UX researchers for your remote studies

Remote tools

You’ve probably noticed that Skype for Business Online was discontinued on the 31st July 2021. But don’t worry about this if you used this tool occasionally for your studies. We can introduce you to alternative tools that also work seamlessly with our service and are particularly appreciated by our clients.


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Did you know that over 600,000 of the test users in our public panel speak English fluently?