Test user recruitment for any budget.
Our transparent calculator lets you configure your test user criteria online and easily manage your expenses.


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Flexible, transparent pricing

Configure your target audience and test criteria in four easy steps:

Step 1:
Choose your test method

The base price depends on the number of test users and the test method. We offer the following options:
  • Online survey – € 5€ 5CHF 8£ 5 per test user
  • Diary study – € 20€ 20CHF 30£ 20 per test user
  • User test – € 50€ 50CHF 80£ 60 per test user
  • Workshop – € 50€ 50CHF 80£ 60 per test user
  • Focus group – € 50€ 50CHF 80£ 60 per test user
  • Interview – € 50€ 50CHF 80£ 60 per test user

Step 2:
Define your standard criteria

Use the following standard criteria to define your target audience:
age, gender, language, place of residence, device skills

+ € 5€ 5CHF 10£ 5 per criterion / per test user

Step 3:
Define your special criteria

Use the free-text field to enter special criteria that define your target audience even further. Examples from previous studies include:
  • “shops online at least twice a month”
  • “took out an insurance policy in the last year”
  • “homeowner”
  • “has an annual income of at least 60,000 euros60’000 Euro60,000 Swiss francs60,000 British Pounds

+ € 10€ 10CHF 20£ 10 per criterion / per test user

Step 4:
Choose where to test

Finally, determine the location at which the test will take place:

Remote tests: no additional cost
In-house & in-home tests: + € 50€ 50CHF 50£ 50 per test user

Frequently asked questions

Who pays for the incentive?

We do! At no extra cost. Also, we won't ever charge you for no-shows.

Approximately, how much does a test cost?

The price depends on the test method, the number of test users, and the target audience criteria. Use our configuration tool to calculate your price online.

Do you test on a regular basis?

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PrePay packages range from € 5’000€ 5’000CHF 5’000£ 5’000 to 100’000100’000100’000100’000.


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