The benefits of a PrePay package at a glance

1. Budget planning made easy

Choose a PrePay package that matches your annual test budget and instantly benefit from the discount on all your orders throughout the year.
  • credits remain valid for 12 months
  • you can buy a new package at any time 
should your needs change unexpectedly
  • any leftover credits will be transferred to your latest package and automatically renew the validity 
for another 12 months
  • see at any time the currently remaining credit balance
  • simplified billing

2. Work as a team

Share your prepaid credits with other members of your team or department and recruit test users together.
  • set up and manage multiple profiles and rights
  • see your team’s recruitment profiles and order history
  • re-order similar test user profiles by gaining insight from your own and your team’s dashboards
  • get an overview of the frequency and scope of your test studies within the team

3. Save money

Buying a PrePay Package means saving money on the 
test users you’d order throughout the year anyway.
  • save between 3% and 12% on each of your orders depending on the package
  • customized PrePay packages are also possible
  • your discount will be deducted from the total price of the prepay package at the time of purchase
  • universities and higher education institutes receive an additional discount of 5% for all packages on top

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