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How it works

Book your test users online.
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48 hours later.
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Our Service

Test user recruiting-service

Starting from € 30 per test person
  • Recruitment
    Besides standard criteria (Age, Gender, Devices) we can screen and recruit users matching up to five free-text criteria like “must own a car”.
  • Briefing
    We quickly brief our test users about user research in general. This will help you to get the most out of your booked time.
  • Scheduling
    We coordinate appointments between you and the participants. We ensure the people show up at the agreed date, time and location. In case of a no-show, we try to find a replacement but cannot guarantee it. If we fail to deliver a replacement, we won’t charge you anything for that person.
  • Payment
    We handle the payment of the participants. The money is wired directly to their bank or PayPal accounts. There are no extra charges for you.
  • Tracking
    We track each test user to make sure they don’t become professional testers and don't get scheduled with the same customer twice.

Full-service testing

Starting from € 2500
We work with approved usability labs and UX agencies throughout Europe. Let us know what you need and we’ll put you in touch with the right agency.
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Pay per Test
Starting from € 30 per test person
Qualitative research requires 5-7 participants.
For quick validations you can order a minimum of 3 people on TestingTime.
Our prices include all participant incentives
PrePay Packages
And benefit from additional advantages.
Krug – € 5k
  • 3% discount
  • Simple invoicing, less administrative work
  • No expiry date of your credits
Goodwin – € 10k
  • 5% discount
  • Simple invoicing, less administrative work
  • No expiry date of your credits
Nielsen – € 25k
  • 10% discount
  • Simple invoicing, less administrative work
  • No expiry date of your credits
  • Team dashboard for great manageability
Norman – € 100k
  • 15% discount
  • Simple invoicing, less administrative work
  • No expiry date of your credits
  • Team dashboard for great manageability
  • Fan-Package for your UX-Team
Universities and higher education institutes receive an additional discount of 5% for all packages on top.

Stuff people ask

I’ve always recruited my own test subjects. Why should I use your service?
The chances are, you spend more time on recruiting and scheduling than on the actual testing. And finding users outside your own network of friends, colleagues, and current customers can be a real challenge. We help you use your time more efficiently to gather actionable, unbiased test results fast.
What kind of people do you have in your pool?
Right now, we have over 80,000 potential test subjects in our database. They represent a broad cross-section of people – in all age groups and with a huge range of backgrounds and interests. And we are growing fast.
We have a multi-language site. What languages do you support?
We’re headquartered in Zürich, Switzerland. With four national languages – German, French, Italian, and Romansh – Switzerland is the ideal country for multi-cultural testing. We also offer English speaking test users.
Do you only operate in Switzerland?
No! Although our current focus is on customers in the German-speaking parts of Europe (Germany, Austria, Switzerland – DACH), we can provide test subjects for remote usability testing almost anywhere.
Who pays the amount for the participants?
We take care of that for you! You don’t incur any additional costs. Our goal is to keep things simple.
My company doesn’t have an in-house usability expert. Can you help us?
TestingTime has an extensive network of interviewers, focus-group leaders, and testing facilitators throughout Europe. If you want a full-service solution, we’ll make it happen. And if you want to kick-start your own in-house team, our popular four-hour training workshop is the perfect solution.
This is a brilliant concept! Why hasn’t anyone done this before?
The key is our growing pool of test subjects and unique scheduling software. And a lot of work has gone into building our database and verifying the quality of these people as potential testers. That’s why we are now able to provide high-quality recruiting at such a low price. Simple, usable concepts don’t happen by accident…but you know that already.


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