Guest posts

You would like to submit a guest post for our UX blog? We would love to see that! Here you can find our guidelines and further information on submitting your article.

What are we looking for?

We welcome actionable, non-salesy guest posts about UX research, UX testing, UX design, and UX strategy.

  • Your post must be written in the first person, by you, for the TestingTime blog. We do not republish anything that’s been published elsewhere.
  • We value quality over quantity. But we expect you to cover your topic in depth. So shoot for at least 2,000 words and please explain all ideas and concepts directly in your post. Don’t just link out to other sources.
  • We prefer posts with high-quality images. Don’t forget captions and credits and the table of contents!

What's in it for you?

If we publish your article, you will gain access to an international, UX-specific audience. Your article may also be featured in our newsletter and on our social media channels. Bonus: you can publish the article on your own website after a four-week waiting period.

How does it work?

Email your work to us. Please include a high-resolution picture of yourself and a short bio. You may include a link to your website and Twitter in your bio.

We will let you know whether your post has been accepted within 14 days. Please note that the publication date depends on how many articles are already in our content pipeline.

Are you ready?

Please proofread your work. The less editing we have to do, the better your chances of getting published.