New look of the order confirmation

Ordner confirmation (new)

We have redesigned the order confirmation page for you! This page is displayed as soon as you have completed a recruitment order. In addition to the details of the order you have just placed, you will also find the link to all your previous orders.


The SME Pool is now called the B2B Decision-Makers Pool

Special Pool

We have expanded our SME Pool and now call it B2B Decision-Makers Pool. If you’re looking for a hard-to-find B2B profile, i.e. decision-makers in companies of all sizes, you’ve come to the right place! Our test users support you in the development of company innovations.


A short preview of self-service

Preview Self-Service

With the expansion of our self-service platform, we plan to give you more control over the recruitment of test users for your future user research. In a first step, we are expanding the recruiting process dashboard for unmoderated user tests and online surveys. This helps us to increase transparency and give you more information about your recruitment and the status of test participation.

Monthly sneak peek into our pool

55% of our test users have iOS as the operating system on their private smartphone, 41% have Android, 2% Windows and 1% something else. Do you find this surprising?