In a nutshell

We have redesigned and expanded your list of test users to make it a real recruitment dashboard. This update is for now only available for unmoderated user tests and online surveys. The goal is to increase transparency in our recruiting process and give you more information about the test users, their status and the feasibility of their participation.

Main features

Here you can see the main features of our latest product release.

Status tags

Next to the study title you see the current status of your order. The three main statuses you will see are:

  • Order being checked: As soon as you have placed the order, our team ensures that everything is ready before we start the recruitment process.
  • Recruitment ongoing: This status means that we have started with the recruitment process. The first step is searching for and inviting matching test users.
  • Recruitment completed: This is displayed as soon as all the participants you have ordered complete the unmoderated study or survey.

Status tags

Participants’ tab

This tab shows you more details about each participant. Track their status and rate them as soon as they complete the study. 

We also show you here the three main stages the participants are going through in an unmoderated study or online survey.

  • Started: As soon as the test users have started participating in the study, they are listed in this column. The deadline for completion is 14 hours.
  • Completed: As soon as the test users have completed their participation, they are being moved from the “Started” to the “Completed” column automatically.
  • Declined: Test users who didn’t complete the study successfully are listed in this column.

Moreover, rating test users has never been easier for unmoderated studies. You can do it very quickly and easily in the “completed” column.

Participants page

On each test user card you now also have access to their full profile, with all the answers to the screener questions you wrote or our specialists wrote for you. The signed documents can be downloaded individually.

Full profile

Statistics tab

Here you can find information about the overall recruitment progress and the status in terms of feasibility.

  • Ordered: The total number of test users ordered for this study.
  • Screened: The number of test users who have been invited and answered the screener questions.
  • Qualified: The number of test users who match the researched profile and therefore have been approved to participate in the study after screening.
  • Completed: The number of test users who successfully participated in the study.

Statistics page

The screened to qualified ratio gives you a great sense of feasibility for your criteria. If you see that a lot of people went through the screening but didn’t start or complete the study, it means that more time or other actions will most likely be needed (e.g. opening up the criteria).

Please note that for quality reasons we often ask more test users than ordered to complete your study, free of charge of course.

Order details tab

Here you can find all the information related to your order (e.g. summary of all your screening criteria), alongside with the order price details.

Before the order gets the ‘Recruitment completed’ status, we show you the provisional price in the pricing box. As soon as the status changes to ‘Recruitment completed’, we enable the service rating and download invoice option where we show you the final price.

Final price

New email communication frequency

As of now, we will inform you via email as soon as the first participant has completed the study. You will receive a second email when 50% have done so and another one when 100% is reached. 

Once the study has been completed, we will ask you to rate the participants and our platform in general within two days. This way we can provide you with the best support (e.g. replacement, refund, recruitment of additional test users, etc.).

Check out this video to see all the changes in action: