Layout improvement

TestingTime Updates

We have improved the recruitment dashboard experience so that whenever you access the dashboard it will highlight the columns that are in active use, i.e. it will spotlight the columns where there is at least one test user. Alongside that improvement, we have also moved the test users’ phone and the email information to the ‘see profile’ section.


Contact box in “Order details”

TestingTime Pool

Our Operation Specialists are here to support you during the recruitment process if anything is unclear or needs attention. This needs good communication, especially in case of an emergency or when you need to give us an important update. To ensure that everything runs properly during the recruiting process, we transferred the contact information to the “Order details” section, where you can quickly access all information.


New test user sign up journey

UX Journey

We redesigned and optimised the test user journey by making the sign-up process shorter, easier and more accessible. This will motivate even more users to complete the sign-up form and become available as test users in the future. If you’re not a tester yet, try it out, register as a tester and share your experience with us!

Become a tester

Monthly sneak peek into our pool

We asked our Swiss pool of test users where they work. We’re surprised to see that 25% of people are already working entirely remotely. What do you think, will remote working become the new normal in the future? 🤔

TestingTIme Pool