We recruit your focus group

So you can focus on conducting the event

  • We recruit from our representative pool comprising more than 60,000 individuals.
  • In addition to our online screening, all candidate are checked via telephone.
  • You choose the date and time. We can deliver within 48 hours.
  • We compensate the participants. You don’t incur any additional costs.
  • We don’t charge for no-shows.
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How it works

Book your participants online.
It takes less than five minutes.
Conduct your focus group.
48 hours later.
There is no third step!
It’s as simple as that.

Stuff people ask

What’s the difference between TestingTime and a regular market research agency?
We focus exclusively on participant recruitment for focus groups. Market research agencies typically offer recruitment as an incidental service. We consider recruitment a core service, and have perfected it as such. Our service is processed via a modern online portal.
How much does it cost?
Our prices always include the amount and VAT. A 2-hour focus group with 8 participants and an average profile (2 standard criteria, 1 special criterion) costs € 115 per person (incl. incentives and VAT). We don’t charge any set-up fees. Our transparent price calculator will show you the specific costs.
I’ve always recruited my participants myself. Why should I switch to using this service?
There’s a good chance that you spent more time on recruitment and organisation, than actually conducting the focus groups. It often proves difficult to find suitable participants outside of your professional and private networks. With our help, you can make more efficient use of your time, than looking for suitable participants yourself.
How do you acquire your participants?
We currently have more than 60,000 qualitative participants in our database, which includes a very broad range of individuals - people from all age groups, very diverse backgrounds, and with many different interests. These participants are recruited through various channels, including online, offline and telephone recruitment. Challenging profiles can be located with our proprietary scouting mechanism.
How do you ensure that your pool doesn’t comprise professional study junkies?
Our participants are carefully selected through electronic screening followed by a telephone call. Each participant is limited to one study per month, including focus groups, user tests and interviews. Moreover, our participants can only participate in a single study for each of our customers.
Is your service limited to Switzerland?
No! While we’re currently focussing our efforts on German-speaking customers in Europe (Germany, Austria, Switzerland), we also provide participants for remote sessions via Skype or telephone across the world.
Who pays the amount for the participants?
We take care of that for you! You don’t incur any additional costs. Our goal is to keep things simple.
Do you also provide this service for other study approaches?
We provide participants for quantitative and qualitative studies. We usually also recruit participants for usability tests and interviews. But you can equally use our service to get responses for your online surveys.
What an awesome service! Why hasn’t anybody done this yet?
We’re adapting a tried and trusted business model for the modern, digital world. Our pool is at the core of our solution, perfected by our automated software solution. We invest significant amounts of time to develop our database and verify our participants’ quality. And that’s exactly why we’re able to offer exceptional quality at such a low price.