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Would you like to prioritise your UX studies and free up your and your team’s schedule? It’s simple: you just need to partner up with us!

Our GDPR-compliant recruiting services include:

  • Writing your screener questions
  • Organising your participants and scheduling them
  • Timely delivery of your users
  • Support for test users and troubleshooting
  • Managing payments to test users
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Research with B2C & B2B participants

The participants for your research are sourced from our continuously growing international pool of over 875,000 individuals, who are eager to participate in your studies.

Do you have your own list of participants? Great! Invite them to sign up to your Private Pool and we handle the rest.

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Matching test users
Matching test users

High quality participants

The participants you will receive are reliable and highly motivated to participate in your research and share their opinion.

Our automated quality assurance system ensures only reliable and accurate participants join your studies.

To ensure that your research yields the best possible insights, we check and select all your participants carefully, before inviting them to your study.

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Test users
Test users

Rely on us, no matter what

Whether an emergency arises or you need assistance with other matters, we are your reliable partner.

Our dedicated operations team is just a message or call away, standing ready to provide guidance and solutions to your queries.

On average, our customers rate their experience with our ops team an impressive 4.7 out of 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐.

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Customer support
Customer support


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Francesc Pérez


Timely recruitment ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

We love TestingTime. The level of service is of good value. They recruit on time, and we’ve never had to delay any session due to recruitment issues. Participants show up on time. And if they don’t, TestingTime always provides a replacement. At the end of the sessions, TestingTime will ask us for feedback from each of the participants.



Felix Portmann

Felix Portmann, Senior Experience Innovation Expert

Seamless process and very good participants ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

TestingTime exceeded my expectations with their efficient selection process and remarkable speed. The flexibility to gather customer feedback within 3 business days has allowed us to meet our desired timelines. In many cases, we would not be able to meet study timelines without TestingTime. We greatly appreciate their dedication and expertise.

TestingTime Kunden

How it works

Order test users
Use our transparent online ordering tool to specify the test user profile and see the price. Next, place the order.
Order review
Order received, we review it and reach out to you in case we need additional information.
While you prepare your UX study, our team creates and sends out a questionnaire to find your desired participants.
You will receive a link to the recruitment dashboard, so you can monitor the recruiting process in real time.
Conduct research
Once the recruiting process has been completed, we will email you. After that, you can start researching.
Rating and payment
Once you finish your study, kindly rate our service and share feedback on each test user. Your input ensures top quality. Once you've rated all users, we handle incentives at no extra cost. 

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Recruitment stories

Mobile phone or internet subscribers

A UX team hired an UX Agency to conduct interviews for them. It was important that the people being interviewed didn’t know the telecommunication company was the one who wanted the interviews.

They were looking for: 

  • 4 telecommunication provider customers, 4 non-customers
  • individuals with a strong understanding of digital technology
  • decision-makers in personal or household insurance (e.g. home, car, mobile phone, cybersecurity, etc.).

Expert exclusion:

  • Exclude participants working in the telco, insurance, and UX industry. 

After the interview ended, the agency told the interviewees who the client was. During the project, we had to be careful not to say the name of the telecommunication provider. It was tricky, but we did it well and received a 5-star rating.

Smart home device owners

A telco company wanted to talk with users who enjoy using smart devices at home and watching certain TV shows.

They had specific requirements:

  • subscribed to a particular TV service
  • used a certain app for their smart home
  • had various smart devices at home
  • controlled these devices with their voice, especially the TV
  • had a strong interest in smart home technology

We helped find these people without extra rewards, and managed to gather all the desired participants for different user tests. The company was delighted and now looks forward to improving smart home technology.

Prospective buyers of a cloud phone system

Another UX team in the telco industry wanted to conduct user tests with 6 users to improve its product.

They were looking for people:

  • between 20 and 60 years old
  • working in companies with 1–250 employees
  • interested in buying a cloud phone system

Providing more incentive helped us find 6 participants within 48 hours. The UX team appreciated our tip to give the participants a higher incentive to participate in the test.

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Still have questions?

How much does recruiting cost?

Your price depends on the study method, the number of test users, and the desired profile. Use our easy and transparent online calculator to see how much your total comes to now.

What if I'm not happy with the test user?

In the rare case you’re not happy with the test user, you receive a replacement, or we adjust the invoice.

How do you handle no shows?

For participants who miss appointments despite reminders, we offer free immediate replacements or we adjust the invoice accordingly. However, this is the exception: our show up rate is at 98%.

What sorts of test users does your pool contain?

Our core markets are Switzerland, Germany, the UK, and France. In these countries, our pool consists of more than 875,000 test users of all ages, working in different industries, and interested in a range of topics. New people sign up every single day and, in certain cities, 1% of the total population is already a part of our pool.

How do you acquire test users?

We are always adding new people to our pool of more than 875,000 test users. We use a combination of organic and paid methods, enabling us to recruit the test users you need – even if they aren’t yet in our pool at the time you place your order.

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